Broadcasting from Israel, the Middle East's fastest growing region, a great place to do business, visit, and to make a new life for you and your family.

At Kiss FM Middle East. We play Longwaves of International Hits, Clutter Free

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Kiss FM Middle East is International Hit Radio broadcasting from our custom built studios in the Middle East.

No long news and discussion programmes, just hit music from all over the planet first on your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

We broadcast to Tel Aviv, The Central Area, Jerusalem, Eliat and all over the Middle East and Worldwide in high quality Stereo.

This radio station is aimed at all of the peoples of the Middle East, and gives the rest of the World a window on one of the World's fastest growing regions.

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Long term plans: This is phase one of a project which will and is expanding radio and music choice in the Middle East. More information soon.

Kiss FM Middle East is owned and operated by a group of International radio professionals with over 100 years experience in making great radio.

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